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More information ! Contact: Dederick Jankowitz @ 264-81 128 9090 or Esta @ 264 81 129 2262 Click on images underneath for Catalogues

This website is trying to deliver an alternative trading platform in Namibia. Our business is contact management services via traditional trading and new business models.


Visits to our website are indirect payment to sustain this service. We only suggest a listing or service fee for those who wish to make a contribution to add additional trading methodologies or Trading contact management services to their portfolio. A free service will create opportunities to deliver paid professional services to you.


Payments to us are for those who wish to secure Prime Client status or listing on our first landing page of the website. We also have a service where you can host your own e-trading store on our website. Contact us for more details on this yearly membership fee.


Please register as a Seller/Buyer if you want to receive alerts on items via email or SMS.  We currently have Auction listings with multiple sub categories, Request for Quote (Tender), Private E-Stores and Smalls (advertising). There are other trading options but is only visible to registered and approved clients.


We believe there are enough clients who will deposit a service or commission fee, based on appreciation when they successfully sell or purchase via our website or services.


Start listing your House, Car, Agri products, Services, Second hand articles. 

Anything to test and experience. Think out of the box.


We also use this website to save on advertising costs. It is much more cost effective to advertise on the web than in a daily newspaper. Use the smalls in the newspaper to direct readers to your free advertisement on this webpage. Maksimum 10 photos per item and 2 attached documents. No Charge


This Website was formaly launched on the 1st of March 2009

Disigned and developed since November 2007

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You can sheer a sheep many times, but you can only skin it once. We want our clients to return many times.